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Everything looks better with a swoosh

What originally didn’t feel right for Nike’s founder, Phil Knight, turned out to become one of the most iconic and influential logos in the fashion industry. We’re talking about Nike’s infamous Swoosh-logo of course, the logo that would steer Nike into success since 1972. Although Nike made its debut back then, the process had already started in 1964 when the organisation provided athletes with their best sneakers under the name of Blue Ribbon Sports. Nike has always been innovative as the sole of one of their first and most popular shoes back then was literally made under a waffle iron.

To this day Nike is still loved for their ballsy and innovative character which they proudly dare to show in their line of sneakers and garments. One of the best examples is their Air Max 1. A shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield which contained the first ever see through sole, which hadn’t been done before.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the last big thing Nike did, as people started to get curious about what else would be possible. Quickly after they came with a lot more of these air bubbles which to this day are very commonly seen in the street like on their recent Vapor max line. On top of that Nike came out with their Air Mags, inspired by the movie Back to the Future and the first sneaker with a self-lacing system.

The Travis effect

Just like a lot of other brands, Nike stepped into the world of lifestyle clothing while maintaining a successful career in the sports industry. When their sneakers the Cortez and the Air Max 1 were picked up by the mainstream, it was the start of an era that would change the sneaker game forever. To this day Nike has worked with athletes, artists and other creatives all over the world to create some of the best sneaker designs out there. It’s also not surprising anymore when these shoes are sold for thousands of euros. In case you’re curious about what shoe is going to be the next hype it’s best to keep an eye out on Travis Scott’s Instagram. Or ours of course! @sneakerbaas

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