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Ever had the issue of wondering where to put your keys while going for a run? You’re not the first one! Architect Robert Gamm found himself in the same struggle back in 1979. How lucky must a kangaroo be, he thought to himself. They’re fast, they never go backwards and always have a place to stash their belongings. And just like that, Robert had a new mission, which would later result in his many KangaROOS sneakers. The first sneakers with actual pockets on them.

            Although the idea might still sound a little bit wild, Kangaroos became a big success in a lot of countries for a variety of target audiences. The comfort and quality would not only win over the runners but was also loved by a lot of sneaker lovers. Especially their “made in Germany” line has been followed with a lot of very positive responses.

KangaROOS X Sneakerbaas

For quite a while now, Kangaroos has been doing great things and has also obtained a special place on the shelves of SneakerBAAS, as we have our own collaborations with kangaroos as well. A couple of awesome sneakers that tell our stories through their designs giving the fans a couple of very exclusive collectables. Although KangaROOS hasn’t ran the streets like other big brands thus far it is definitely worth while enriching yourself with one of their amazing sneakers as they will last you a long time.


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