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adidas – From sports to lifestyle

adidas, the brand that, just like Puma, finds its origin in a German washing kitchen around the year 1920. Brothers Dassler have been making their first sport shoes here from 1924 to 1949, before one of them (Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler) started working on his own shoes and created adidas. After a powerful collection of running shoes Adidas won the hearts of the big audience when the German soccer team won against Hungary, a then very strong opponent. Although this may not seem very impressive, back then this was a very big deal for everyone, especially because it was Germany’s first big game on adidas new screw on studs.

In the years beyond that adidas started to rise amongst a lot of big athletes with a very big expansion of their collection, which mostly consisted of trainers and tracksuits. It wasn’t until around the 2000’s that adidas was first seen on the catwalk for their line of lifestyle-clothing. Although that hadn’t stopped fans from adding adidas to their closet of casual wear earlier on. No wonder a lot of thrift stores nowadays are a Walhalla for vintage adidas garments.

adidas stays refreshing

Nowadays adidas is undeniably one of the biggest players in different layers of the fashion industry. Besides the fact that there are still entire sports teams being sponsored by adidas, they have also become very popular amongst streetwear lovers. Not only their beloved collaborations with Kanye and Pharrell Williams are appreciated, but their own designs and models have become insanely popular as well. By continuously improving their own technique they have been staying true to their origin for more than 60 years.

adidas Originalsadidas Originals

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