Nike Astronomy Adapt BB 2.0 "Astronomy Blue"

Nike Astronomy Adapt BB 2.0

Nike is back with a what some people would call bizarre sneaker, the Astronomy Adapt BB 2.0 “Astronomy blue”. With this shoe you get to see a snippet of the future through Nike’s eyes. Where they were once the first to add an air bubble to their Nike Air Max 1, they’re once again showing us new groundbreaking techniques. This shoe has been equipped with the same electric lacingsystem that was seen before on their classic Air Mag’s, getting you ready to hit the streets with just one press on the button. The idea of automated shoelaces came about due to the movie Back to the Future where it was seen for the first time by the bigger audience. After that Nike picked it up with an optimistical view on the future. Is this one only for the lovers, or did Nike just predict a part of the future? Either way, they’re available now with only a few sizes left, so be sure to check them out!


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