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The story of New Balance started when a man named William J. Riley, started something called New Balance Arch Support Company in 1906, based on the way he saw a chicken balance in its three-pronged feet. It wasn’t until 1961 that New Balance would design and produce its first shoe after a lot of requests from a variety of athletes, which came to be known as the Trackster. For the first 50+ they had only been making support soles based on a pressure point technique, which was inspired by the chickens. Little did they know they would become one of the biggest sneaker brands to ever come about.

When New Balance was coming up they were not a fan of the kind of influencer marketing other brands were already exploiting, which basically consisted of paying athletes to wear their shoes so fans would see them and would also want a pair. New Balance, unlike the rest, chose a rather unique philosophy which to this day stands: Endorsed by no one.

Although this may simply sound like a bold statement, it happened to leave New Balance with a huge budget they didn’t spend on marketing, but rather on reinvesting in new models, techniques and fabrics, which is noticeable to this day. With factories in different locations like the US and the UK, New Balance had been producing top quality shoes staying true to their roots and delivering sneakers that are meant to be durable. 

Endorsed by some

Although New Balance used to be endorsed by no one, they are now starting to collaborate more with different kinds of talent. Besides collaborating with other brands, they are now working closely with Hip-hop artist Jack Harlow and basketball players like Kawhi Leonard. This may be thought of as the end of an era, but the innovative impact New Balance has made in the none-endorsing period will live for ever. A wonderful story with a sneaker that will fit you like a glove.

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