V-12 Leather “Extra White Cyprus”

V-12 Leather “Extra White Cyprus”

We refuse to choose between design and social responsibility. This is something the French brand VEJA says and what they stand for. That is why VEJA is very committed to fair trade.

All the leather that is used comes from The Leather Working Group (L.W.G.) from Southern Brazil. This group is an independent group of tanneries and manufacturers. They think very much about the environment and work towards sustainable practices. They use as little leather as possible to help the environment.

Below you see the V-12 Leather “Extra White Cyprus”. The sole is made of Amazonian rubber and the linings of recycled polyester. This sneaker can be recognized by the casual look and the large V on the side of the sneaker. The V stands for vegetarian.

This sneaker is available online at sneakerbaas.com.

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