Reebok X DreamWorks "Kung Fu Panda"

Reebok X DreamWorks

We’ve had a lot of pretty pairs, but this new drop really separates you from the rest. 😍 Reebok’s latest 3-pack is dropped hand in hand with the long-expected drop of Kung Fu Panda 4. The movie was actually set to be released back in 2018, but took a little more time. Reebok collaborated with DreamWorks paying attention to every little detail giving each shoe its own little story, definitely making these pairs worth the wait. Take a closer look below! Have you spotted your favourite yet?

Kung Fu Panda x Club C 85 "Gravel"

To start off, the “Gravel”, one of the two Club C’s Reebok added to the Kung Fu collection. A very outspoken design which is focussed on the details. By using different fabrics, colours and prints, this shoe won’t bore you any time soon.

Kung Fu Panda x Club C 85 "Paperwhite"

The new “Paperwhite” is the most placid of the three, but definitely not boring. The clean, white design makes this a perfect essential, even though these have their own finishing touch as well. The insole is absolutely unique in its kind and the lining of the shoe is unique in each pair.


Kung Fu Panda x InstaPump Fury "Black"

Last but not least DreamWorks set their eyes on arguable the most iconic silhouette Reebok has to offer, the “Instapump”. This shoe is provided with its own air pump system, that makes sure it fits like a glove. The colourway is inspired by the main character, Po, making it a nice tribute to the movie and a perfect eyecatcher on the street.  

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