Puma X Michael Lau - 3 pack

Puma X Michael Lau - 3 pack

The latest Puma collaboration is out now and available on our website! The artist has built up a serious fanbase that’s mostly based around his collectable action figures. This time he was inspired by the designproces that he goes through every time he is working on a new project. The project realized individual sneakers with each their own style and story. Curious? Just scroll down!

Michael Lau x Ralph Sampson X Puma

As a tribute to basketbal legend Ralph Sampson, Puma decided it was time for one of their classic basketbal models and trusted Michael Lau to work his magic. Although the shoe might look quite simple at first, this shoe is filled with small details giving you an insight on the story of this shoe. He designed this shoe inspired by the design process he often goes through while working on product development. The checked print of course being inspired by the drawing paper.

Puma X Michael Lau Amazon green

Michael Lau x Mirage Mox "Puma White"

To make this collaboration complete Michael Lau made sure Puma’s model, the Mirage Mox, joined the forces as he knew exactly what to do with this shoe. This runner shoe was also taking care of giving it the same checked design and the known futuristic touch. Definitely a cool shoe with a refreshing backstory.

Puma X Michael Lau Mirage Mox

Michael Lau x RS-2K "Eggnog"

And last, but definitely lost least is Michael’s re-do on the RS-2K model. As discussed earlier these shoes were inspired by the designproces of productdevelopment, which you can clearly see in this design. With the sketchy black lines giving it both a story and a unique look. 

Michael Lau X Puma Egg nog 

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