Puma Mirage MOX Kidsuper "Forever Blue''

Puma Mirage MOX Kidsuper
"Everything is possible"

“Anything is possible” Wise words from a 15-year-old boy named Cole Dillane starting a t-shirt brand named Kidsuper, who would later be known as a big fashion designer working with Puma. His clothing has been worn by big stars under whom the legendary Mac Miller and fashion icon Young Thug. Today he releases a new collaboration with Puma breaking boundaries with his typical kid-like sneaker design.


After multiple successful releases between Puma and Kidsuper it’s time for something cool again with this refreshing sneaker. Its attention to detail is insane which makes this sneaker so appealing. There’s clearly a message behind the brand of Kidsuper and it shows through this sneaker, as the tear-off form strip and the visible sticking purposely make the shoe feel imperfect. Kidsuper also managed to bring back something that is typical for them as the top lace hole looks a little like an eye, an element that often returns within Kidsuper’s garment designs.


They’re available in store now, so if Puma and Kidsuper suit your style you can shop now by pressing the image below.


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