Nike Air Presto “Nigeria”

Nike Air Presto “Nigeria”

When Nike was founded, it was initially just about producing and selling sports shoes. The brand is still best known for its various, especially eye-catching sneaker models. This sneaker range now includes popular sneakers and casual shoes and various running shoes in countless colors and variations.

Nike is also very often inspired by various international football teams. This time they have been inspired by the Nigerian national team. They derived the sneakers from the sold-out 2020 kit.

They have released two sneakers with this theme. They opted for the Air Max 95 and the Air Presto. The Air presto therefore has the bold colors of the outfit. The Air soles are finished with cushions, with striking hints of “Sub Lime”, and provide a comfortable sneaker.

This sneaker was released on September 27, 2020 and is now available online at

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