Nike Air Max 95 EOI "Light Charcoal"

Nike Air Max 95 EOI
Wowww, what a colorway! Nike just released one of their most famous silhouettes, the Air Max 95, in this crazy colour palette. Not only did they use a wide arrangement of neon colours, but they also made use of a wide arrangement of materials variating from mesh to corduroy creating an amazing street-sneaker. These kicks truly speak for themselves through their bold character.


What is amazing about this shoe is that it still pays a lot of homage to the first ever Air Max 95 through its light and dark contrast, as the original 95 was also created using grey tints and a very bright neon green.

The Air Max 95

The Nike silhouette finds its origin back in 1995 (Duhh) and was a big turning point for sneakers at the time. Tinker Hatfield, famous for his Air Max 1 design, played a big role in Nike’s design team at the time and felt like every design should have a story. This means that when the Air Max 95 was handed to him for the first time, he was very pleased to hear about the design process of the sneaker, as it was largely inspired by the human body. This has been taken into account when designing the sneaker’s sole, which was inspired by a human spine, but is also visible within the layered body of the shoe and its lace loops. The first of which has been inspired by human muscle fibers and the second one being designed taking a ribcage as an example.

Nike Air Max 95 EOI "Light Charcoal" DD1502-001

Nike Air Max 95 EOI "Light Charcoal" DD1502-001

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