Nike Air Max 90 "Summit white"

Nike Air Max 90
Travel back in time with these insane, new Nike Air Max 90’s. The big-bubbled sneaker finds its roots in the 90’s and was groundbreaking at that time, just like its predecessor the Nike Air Max 1. Today, they’re available in this sweet insane colorway to create the perfect shoe for the upcoming spring. 


The “Summit white” has a unique pastel-colorway and is made up of multiple different materials. Especially the lacing system used to be a very unique aspect, as it was one of the first sneakers to ever use multiple materials for the lacing.

The come up

The Air Max 90 grew up with the upcoming gabber / hardcore scene and has always been closely related to the subject. A very good example of how a subculture can adopt a sneaker to raise it as one of their own. Nowadays the Air Max 90 is returning more and more to the everyday street culture, which we love to see, as it is one of the most iconic sneakers ever with a very rich history.

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Nike air max 90 summit white

Nike air max 90 summit white sole

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