Karhu “Fall” Pack

Karhu “Fall” Pack

Karhu is from Finland and has been one of the most legendary brands in the world for over 100 years. You can recognize this great brand by the big bear on the logo. Karhu stands for bear. Every season Karhu launches the thickest sneakers that are based on nature, design and sport history. August 28 will be the launch of the new collection.

The new collection is based on autumn and the fact that the weather conditions are getting less. They have opted for two different models. The Legacy 96 and the Fusion 2.0s. In addition, they have opted for warm color palette mixed with lighter cream and white athletic colors.

Because Karhu bases his sneakers on the above elements, they can distinguish themselves from others. Karhu gives you exactly the sneakers you need and that suit the weather!

The Karhu “Fall” pack will be released on August 28, 2020 at SneakerBAAS.com.


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