Karhu “Colour of Mood pack 2”

Karhu “Colour of Mood pack 2”

The Karhu brand was founded in Finland in 1916 by the company Ab Sport Artiklar, which uses a bear as its logo. It has been owned by Karhu Holding BV since 2008 and is now used for running shoes, sportswear, and skiing and other sports equipment.    

A few times a year, Karhu releases a thick collection based on nature, design and sports history. This Friday, September 18, 2020, Karhu will release a new pack. It is a continuation of the latest release and is called the Karhu “Color of Mood Pack 2”.    

This time they are three different models. These are the Synchron Classic, the Aria 95 and the Legacy 96. The entire collection consists of a colerway of soft warm colors, such as soft pink and earth brown. Of course, Karhu also uses the colors blue and magenta.  

This thick collection will be released on 18-09-2020 on sneakerbaas.com.  

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