KangaROOS United "TKK-Line"

KangaROOS United

On this KangaROOS collabo Tornschuhjette and Kwills joined forces to work on the Ultralite OG. Inspired by the Port of Hamburg with its freightships and containers. The colourway of the shoe is derived from one of the freightships seen at the Port. The 90s vintage basketball feel with solid colorblocking and materials (suede, mesh, chenille) was important to honour its model’s heritage. The insoles depict a diptych of containers and feature double branding. That also can be found on the two extra pairs of laces. Inspired by the freightships carrying our beloved trainers and the work and life in the harbour.

KangaROOS United "TKK-Line"

A NYK Line freightship was the basis for the colourway with details as the darkblue canvas tongue and chenille ROOS stripe pay hommage to the navy military sweaters worn in the harbour. The Ultralite was Kwills and Tornschuhjette’s first choice because they grew up with basketball court shoes that were also perfect for skateboarding. The colourway and materials are next to the freightship reference a nod to those 90s basketball- & skateboard shoes colorblocking and models. Wider mesh, suede overlays, cotton laces and minimal branding. Dual branding can be seen on the lacetips and insoles.


KangaROOS United "TKK-Line"

This sneaker will release on 07-08-21

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