Gel-Lyte III OG "Wood Crepe"

Gel-Lyte III OG
“A healthy mind and a healthy body”

Japanese sneaker brand Asics released their Get-Lyte III over 30 years ago now. A shoe that is still loved by many to this day. And when we look at the pictures, we understand why…😍

The Gel-Lyte III OG has been around for quite some time now, which is why this sneaker is released once more in its original form. The sneaker was designed by Shigeyuki Miysui and clearly stands out from the rest through its split tongue which isn’t something we see very often. The colourway is one of the original OG’s and was brought back due to its amazing look as it can be matched with tons of different styles.

Gel-Lyte III OG "Wood Crepe" 1201A164-200 

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