Adidas Terrex Hikster “Savannah”

Adidas Terrex Hikster “Savannah”

Adidas Originals is originally a German company from Herzogenaurach. The company is named after its founder, Adolf (Adi) Dassler. He did all this together with his brother Rudolf Dassler. Who then founded his own company, now better known as PUMA.

Adidas has three permanent clothing lines. The leaf-shaped logo represents Adidas Originals, previously known as adidas Heritage. Adidas Originals brings back classic items in a new guise every time.

Adidas Originals has released another chunky sneaker, the Terrex Hikster “Savannah”. With the Terrex Hikster “Savannah”, adidas has created a smart trekking low-top that combines functionality with a stable construction. The bootie construction already provides a great fit, but the adjustable strap with Velcro on the heel provides the real unique feel!

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